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Do you create furniture according to an individual project?

Yes, we are able to create furniture perfectly suited to the client’s taste and expectations, as well as to the dimensions of the room and its decor. We provide professional advice based on many years of experience and knowledge of current trends.

How does the transport of furniture look like?

Transport is carried out by our company to the address indicated by the customer. It is also possible to send by courier.

Do you offer to bring furniture?

Yes, the stage of order fulfillment in our company also includes the service of bringing in furniture after prior arrangement of details.

Do I need an advance payment? How does the payment look like?

In the case of “made to measure” furniture, we charge an advance of 50% of the final price. The remaining amount is paid by the customer immediately after receiving the goods. Orders carried out via the Internet must be paid in advance.

Can I pay in installments?

Of course, we also offer an installment payment system. We work with santander consumer bank

Will I get a guarantee?

Yes, our products are covered by a 12-month warranty period.

Will I find an unusual design in your fronts offer?

Yes, our offer includes both ready-made, standard designs of fronts, as well as those created according to personalized customer expectations.

Do you offer any other carpentry services apart from the production of furniture and fronts?

Yes, our company’s profile includes not only the production of fronts and furniture (kitchen, system, room, etc.), but also board cutting, edge veneering, sale of chipboards, laminated boards, fibreboards, mdf boards, kitchen worktops and skirting boards.

What are the front prices?

The prices of the fronts are set individually with each client, as they depend on many factors, including Quantity, type of veneers, cutters, etc.

Where can I see the types of fronts you suggest?

The catalog of fronts can be found both at the headquarters of our company, to which we encourage you to visit, and on the website in the fronts tab.

Who to contact for a quote?

Please use the contact tab – our expert will answer all questions related to both the valuation and the project.

What is the time to process the order?

If the product in the online store has been marked as “available”, the execution of the order begins immediately after the payment for the goods is credited. Non-standard orders (outside the catalog, with an unusual size, pattern, etc.) require consultation with our expert, then all details related to the finalization of the transaction are also agreed.

How long does it take to prepare a valuation?

Furniture is made within 30 days after approval of the design or selection from the catalog, while the fronts are ready for collection within 7-14 days from the acceptance of the order. We provide exact dates during individual conversations with the client.