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Salvadore system furniture by Meblotex

Salvadore system furniture – New in Agata Meble showrooms

Salvadore system furniture – New in Agata Meble showrooms. Salvadore by Meblotex is a collection of modern furniture in the form of simple blocks with an extraordinary accent in the form of contrasting legs. It is not difficult to find here numerous references to furniture from the communist times, but in a very tasteful, refreshed version. It is an excellent proposition for both fans of minimalism and those who love decorative accents in the room.
Wardrobe Salvadore system furniture by Meblotex
Due to its simple design, Salvadore will be an unobtrusive background for the entire interior arrangement. Bright, classic colors will not only make the interior cozier. In addition, it creates a huge range of possibilities when it comes to choosing the color of the walls or accessories. Salvadore system furniture will look great against the background of deep green, cobalt, but also pastel, neutral colors.
RTV System furniture Salvadore by Meblotex
The individual elements of the set can be combined in any combination, depending on your preferences and space options. The furniture design has been thought out so that each combination creates a coherent and functional whole. In addition to the unique design, we also took care of the quality of the Salvadore collection. High-class furniture fronts, guides, hinges, handles – every detail has been refined to ensure maximum comfort of using the furniture for many years.



Black mat handle - Salvadore system furniture by Meblotex



The set includes: chests of drawers and display cabinets, TV cabinet, dining table, table and shelves. The capacity of Salvadore furniture is a noteworthy advantage here. It is certainly an important detail, especially for owners of small apartments. Both trinkets and everyday items such as tableware, tablecloths, glass will find their place in the space of cabinets and drawers. A stable, but at the same time not overwhelming, table will allow you to receive guests or celebrate family life in a warm and cozy arrangement. The TV cabinet in combination with the table will perfectly match the relaxation zone, where everyone will find a moment of relief after a hard day.
Salvadore System Furniture table by Meblotex
Furniture from the Salvadore collection can be found in the showrooms’ offer;Agata Meble. It is a novelty that we hope will appeal to our customers, just like the collections Vincent, Verona, Roma or Wega.
This furniture is designed for self-assembly. Clear and detailed instructions will certainly allow you to easily assemble the furniture yourself, without the need to use the services of professionals. If necessary, a given piece of furniture can be unfolded, which will allow, among other things, comfortable transport, e.g. to a new apartment.