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The profile of our company includes the production of furniture and furniture fronts, cutting and sale of boards, strips (plinth, under-cupboard, corner) and pilasters. The Meblotex offer includes system, kitchen and upholstered furniture, as well as accessories such as 3D panels. We navigate between various styles, such as vintage in combination with Scandinavian accents in the Vincent collection or classics in the Wega collection. We make fronts straight and bent, smooth, or with complicated cutters, depending on the customer's wishes. A very important aspect is that we operate on the basis of a long family tradition of making furniture. As a result, for two decades now, we have been successfully helping people to arrange their apartments that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also functional. In addition to taking care of the aesthetic considerations of our products, we equally prioritize the quality of materials and workmanship. The subject of broadly understood carpentry services undoubtedly has no secrets for us.


Beautiful, but also practical

At Meblotex, a team of experts keeps track of both the latest interior design trends and all technological innovations

Furniture designed by Meblotex, therefore, not only pleases the eye, fits the tastes of customers, but is also comfortable and functional. Importantly, we make every effort to ensure that our products are full of innovative solutions that allow, among others to make full use of the available space. In addition, accessories such as hinges, guides and handles always come from reputable manufacturers. Just like wood, MDF board and veneers, which we choose with the greatest care. The use of high-class materials ensures that the furniture of our production looks as if it has just left the factory even after many years.

What they say about us

"It was my first, but certainly not the last, purchase in this company. I have a rather unusual living room design, for which it was difficult for me to choose furniture, and after a long search, it was only here that I managed to find what I was looking for. In addition, I am very positively surprised. value for money. "

Małgorzata Wyszczak

What they say about us

"Great advice on furniture design! A kitchen ideally suited to a small room, every centimeter developed. My high requirements have been fully met."

Błażej Pawlak

What they say about us

"I bought the furniture online, it turned out live, it turned out to be equally nice and most importantly - solid. Exemplary contact with the service, quick implementation, I recommend it.

Mateusz Zachorowski

Meblotex furniture fronts

We value top-class products and we like to have control over every stage of creating furniture, which is why we make furniture fronts in our company. Meblotex products are available both for individual orders and for the needs of furniture companies. The catalog of our products includes a rich collection of decorations, veneers and cutters – also atypical ones. It is noteworthy that our production plant is equipped with modern machines that work under the supervision of qualified employees. As a result, Meblotex fronts are solid, durable and fully reflect the customer’s expectations.
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Our best sellers

  • Azzurro Aqua Marina

  • Pln 489
  • is a modern design
    combined with the latest
    color palette. Chair
    it was made of high
    quality velor fabric.

  • Loft-Venus table

  • Pln 1500
  • The “VENUS” table stayed
    covered with PVC veneer.
    Metal legs in this
    series appear in
    black color,
    powder coated.

  • glass showcase Pablo

  • Pln 1240
  • A combination of modern
    style and practical
    roomy cabinets allow
    for the storage of many
    items with
    minimalist style.

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    Do you create furniture according to an individual project?

    Yes, we are able to create furniture perfectly suited to the client’s taste and expectations, as well as to the dimensions of the room and its decor. We provide professional advice based on many years of experience and knowledge of current trends.

    Will I get a guarantee?

    Yes, our products are covered by a 12-month warranty period.

    Transport is carried out by our company to the address indicated by the customer. It is also possible to send by courier.

    Transport is carried out by our company to the address indicated by the customer. It is also possible to send by courier.

    Do you take an advance payment? What does the payment look like?

    In the case of custom-made furniture, we charge an advance payment of 50% of the final price. The remaining amount is paid by the customer immediately after receiving the goods. Orders carried out via the Internet must be paid in advance.

    Can I pay in installments?

    Of course, we also offer an installment payment system. We work with santander consumer bank